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Cover for Treacherous Beauties, a romantic suspense book


Annabelle Levee’s brother is dead and buried, with no reason to haunt her dreams and beg her to do...what? Maybe a visit to the treacherous gorge where Alan met his death can put his nagging spirit to rest.

Incognito in the small town of Rahunta, she retraces Alan’s last weeks, glad his ghost is quiet for the first time in months. Then she meets the man who, some whisper, shot Alan in a jealous rage and pushed him into the gorge.

As Annabelle gets to know the influential Jason Forrester, the more his earthy masculinity attracts her and the more convinced she is that he’s no killer. Then she sees him lash out at his sister-in-law; uncertainties return along with her dreams.

Despite Alan’s frantic pleas, Annabelle can’t reconcile the man she’s in love with to a cold-blooded killer. But if she’s wrong, when Jason discovers who she is and what she wants, she may end up like her brother. Dead, with her ghost begging someone to figure out the truth.



Treacherous Beauties

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