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Cover for The Man in the Boat, a romantic suspense book

The Man in the Boat


A lakeside cottage is a peaceful place to consider divorce.

Until a man, drunk or stoned, slams his boat into the bank  right beside Steve (Stephanie) Early. But he’s neither drunk nor stoned. His face is beaten and his shirt bloody. He’s near death.

“Emily,” he gasps. But when Steve runs for help, man and boat vanish.

Back home, she asks her husband about Emily. Mark doesn’t answer; he’s concealing something from her. Which is the whole problem with their marriage.


She’s lived with his emotional detachment for six years because she loved him--still loves him--but no more. Divorce is inevitable.

A home invasion validates her decision. Even if she finds temporary safety in Mark’s arms, she can’t trust him. Especially when armed strangers pursue them.

To survive, they must figure out the connection between the man in the boat and the men who threaten them. And maybe, along the way, if she and Mark can be completely honest with each other, they’ll get one last chance to save their marriage.

WARNING: Some sexual content/mild violence  

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