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Intimate Portrait

A growing reputation as a sensual photographer. A new superstar client. Autumn Merriwell’s career is set to soar...assuming she lives long enough.

When Autumn was seventeen, Rennie Degardovera gently rejected her advances. At thirty, she’s no longer a naive girl barreling headlong into love. But his return brings up all the old feelings.

Rennie may be a college professor now, but he’s still all wrong for Autumn. His mother is her housekeeper; he eats off paper plates and visits Mexican relatives with dirt floors. Autumn grew up in Atlanta society; she uses cloth napkins and knows the right people. She's way out of his league, no matter how tempting.

Then a mugger pushes Autumn off a bridge, an arsonist destroys her studio, and a gunman kills a neighbor wearing a jacket like hers.

Rennie's determined to protect Autumn while they find out what's going on. Autumn's determined to convince him she belongs in his life.

Neither has much time. Someone wants her dead.

Cover for Intimate Portraits, a romantic suspense book.
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