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Cheryl B Dale Author Mysteries and women's fiction Mysite 3 offers my books for sale from Amazon, Apple and Barnes and Noble. Mystery and romance are what I enjoy reading so that’s pretty much what I write. My first published book TREACHEROUS BEAUTIES was made into a television movie and that led to my writing more romantic suspense. Light mysteries, a slightly paranormal romance, and a vintage mystery round out my list. SET UP, a romantic mystery, was a RONE finalist. Click the covers below for a short description.

Cover for Warwicks of Slumber Mountain, a fantasy romance book.
Cover for Taxed to the Max, a humorous mystery book.
Cover for Treacherous Beauties, a book of romantic suspense made into a TV movie.
Cover for Overtaxed and Underappreciated, a humorous mystery book.
Cover for Intimate Portraits, a book of romantic suspense.
Cover of Setup, a book of romantic suspense
Cover for Losing David, a vintage mystery book.
Cover for Man in the Boat, a book of romantic suspense

 I'm always glad to hear from readers -- actually, I'm glad to hear from anyone!-- so please contact me if you have any interest at

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