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Mystery and romance are what I enjoy reading so that’s pretty much what I write. I have two romantic mysteries from MuseItUp Publishing:  THE MAN IN THE BOAT and SET UP (an Ind’Tale magazine’s RONE award finalist). Muse also issued a paranormal/gothic, THE WARWICKS OF SLUMBER MOUNTAIN.

TAXED TO THE MAX, is a hardback humorous mystery from Five Star Press. Its sequel, OVERTAXED AND UNDERAPPRECIATED, comes in both paperback and ebook from J&H Press.

Other romantic mysteries from J&H Press include INTIMATE PORTRAITS as well as an updated and revised edition of TREACHEROUS BEAUTIES that was originally published by Silhouette in 1993 and had a TV movie made from it in 1994. J&H also issued a vintage mystery with romantic elements; LOSING DAVID  is set in the early sixties and takes place on the Georgia coast.

There's a link to my blog here. I try to post each week, but it's what it says: random musings. No recipes. No writing tips. A lot about my cats and the gorgeous places we live. Pictures of different things. That kind of stuff.

Please contact me at I'm always glad to hear from... Well, anybody, actually! Especially new readers!

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